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It's no accident you ended up here at, a website characterized by morbid and grimly satiric humor and yet educational beyond the realm of obscure. How you may ask does one venture into the unusual stream of darkness with Embalming video, shockumentry death and autopsy DVD's? Well ,oddly enough, if you're reading this, then you must have been intrigued enough in taking the time to come visit our online store of mortuary novelties, grim readings and our fabulous Day of the Dead collectibles. Welcome to our fun and weird web site, we're glad you stopped by to illuminate your senses in hopes you satisfy your curiosity.


Embalming Videos and Autopsy Videos

Well some may never admit to their fears of the unknown and about our passage into death, the videos on embalming procedures and real death DVD's explores the journey to our final resting place. By providing insightful material on and for a higher understanding of embalming techniques and autopsy training videos, educational institutes are able to utilize the resources geared at embalming courses.

Everything From Gothic Jewelry to Chocolate Hearts

Experience the very things that define comic incongruity. Our mélange of offerings covering mortuary novelty items to include our delectable tasty chocolate treats shaped in the form of chocolate hearts , brains, ears, feet and teeth the perfect gift for the medical practitioner. Now you can eat your way out of a box with our gourmet chocolate coffin bars that melt in your mouth and truly to die for. We put our heart and souls, literally speaking, to come up with a cornucopia of diverse products for every taste bud in taking humor beyond the norm with our collection of infamous creepy skulls collection to century old like antiquity gothic jewelry.

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We've been in business since 1999 and we love our customers to death!

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